Experienced Workers' Compensation Law Representation

The workers' compensation insurance system in Minnesota was designed to make it easier for injured workers to receive compensation for their workplace injuries and protect employers from potentially unlimited personal injury verdicts. The difficulty for most workers is that the system is complex and you are likely to be unfamiliar with the process and procedures before your injury.

You face insurers and their lawyers who are focused on minimizing their expenses, often at the expense of injured workers with legitimate claims. Rosengren Law Office can help prevent you from having a claim unfairly denied or reduced. We have worked with workers' compensation law for nearly two decades and know how to protect your claim and your right to compensation.

Details Matter With Workers' Compensation Claims

You were hurt; you may have been working on a construction site, in a poultry processing plant or during your nursing shift at a local hospital or clinic. Whether minor or severe, your injuries may leave you out of work for a few days, weeks or sometimes months.

You think your claim is being taken care of by your employer, only to find it was denied. The reason may seem like a minor technicality, but because workers' compensation is an insurance system, those seemingly minor details can be the difference between you receiving a fair benefit check and your claim being denied.

We can help you with all aspects of your claim, including denials, as we have participated in hundreds of hearings and appeals for workers' compensation cases. We know what insurers look for on a claim and can ensure that your filing is complete and accurate. This can help to speed your claim the bureaucracy of an insurance company and help you receive your benefits more quickly.

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