Injured In A Nursing Accident?

Nurses perform some of the most essential functions in most health care facilities. They are often vitally involved with all elements of patient care. Unfortunately, that exposes them to a great many instances where they can suffer a wide array of injuries on the job. If you work as a nurse, you probably are not surprised to learn that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports your occupation has the highest occurrence of nonfatal work injuries.

At Rosengren Law Office, our lawyer knows how overwhelming it can be to deal with the injuries from a nursing accident and attempt to make a successful claim with the workers' compensation system. Our attorney has worked for nearly 20 years on these types of claims in Minnesota, and he can help you deal with the process while he works to maximize your compensation.

Nursing Takes A Toll

Nursing is hard work. As a nurse, you probably spend much of your day on your feet. You may have to assist with patient transfers and with the number of heavy patients growing, this type of work can cause serious injuries and major health issues for many nurses. Years of wear and tear can suddenly cause a severe back injury or strain, and often leads to long-term back, muscle and spine issues.

Nurses are also at risk for knee, leg and foot sprains and strains from standing, lifting and walking much of their shift. Other potential risks include falls on slippery surfaces or while assisting with patients and contracting illnesses from patients. Because of the job stress of their work, nurses can face emotional issues as well as assaults from patients and bullying by other staff and administrators.

As a nurse, you know how complex bureaucratic systems can be, and working with our firm can remove the stress of dealing with that bureaucracy, while we take care of your claim, allowing you the time to focus on regaining your health.

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