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Denied workers' comp claims: Options still exist

Safety hazards exist in every workplace in Minnesota, whether at a construction site, a fulfillment center or in an office. Employers are expected to protect the health and safety of employees, and to carry insurance that will provide financial assistance should they suffer workplace injuries or illnesses. However, not all benefits claims are approved, and there might be questions about denied workers' comp claims.

Nursing accidents: Needlestick injuries can cause infections

Health care workers in Minnesota face an endless list of occupational hazards. Injuries caused by sharp objects represent a sizable percentage of overall incidents. Registered nurses are at a significant risk of nursing accidents that expose them to blood-borne infections if safety protocols lack standards to monitor use and disposal safety of needles and other sharp instruments and objects.

The dangers of working in construction

If you are a construction worker, you already know the dangers involved in your job duties. You balance on scaffolding, and are constantly working with equipment, not to mention tools and materials fall on a regular basis.


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