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Experienced Help For Social Security Disability Claims

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program that provides benefits to individuals who meet the program’s definition of disabled. The definition is complex, and many people with valid disability claims are denied benefits because the application process is rigorous and demanding.

You Need To Be More Than Just “Disabled”

Applying for Social Security Disability can be frustrating. Having a valid disability is not enough. You need to prove that you can no longer work. In order to make a successful application, you need to submit detailed medical records that describe your medical condition or conditions, and they need to make it clear to the claims’ examiners that you’re unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity.”

Rosengren Law Office, LLC, understands your frustration and can help. We have many years of experience working with these types of disability claims and we are very familiar with the demands of complex insurance claims systems, like those of Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system.

Most Initial SSDI Claims Are Denied

If you file your claim, chances are good that it will be denied. In recent years, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied 60 percent or more of initial claims. Working with an experienced lawyer can improve your chances.

We understand SSA’s claims procedures and the types of information a claim needs in order to be successful. Many claims are denied because they are incomplete or missing necessary documents. We ensure that your application is complete and that it makes a compelling case for your approval.

We also respond when SSA requests additional information and help if you need to request a hearing, and our attorney has handled hundreds of administrative hearings and appeals involving these types of matters.

Call Us For Help With Your SSD Claim!

Social Security Disability can provide essential benefits when you can no longer work. We can explain the Social Security Disability process and how we can help you receive the benefits you need to cope with your disability. Call our North Mankato office for a free initial consultation at 507-387-7000, or use our online form.