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Workers' compensation benefits are often difficult to collect. As an injured worker, you have a lot of concerns and you may find information on workers' compensation less than clear, which can add to your stress. You want to get back to work and these benefits can help with your medical recovery and help your family make ends meet until that happens. But they can only help if you receive them. We can help with that process.

Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney For Southern Minnesota

A Rosengren Law Office, we have many years of experience handing these types of claims. Workers' compensation is an insurance system and has all the complexities you would expect from such a system. Insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims and employers like to keep these payments to a minimum, otherwise they pay higher premiums.

Who Is Looking Out For You?

Your employer and their insurance company are working to deny your claim and minimize their costs. They are much more experienced with these matters. You may be dealing with significant physical injuries, pain and trying to cope with your loss of income to your family. And you're faced with a complex insurance claims process.

That's where we can help. Our firm is focused on workers' compensation claims. We have worked with these matters for almost two decades. We understand the claims process, the law, how hearings are handled and the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims. We work hard for you, because we only are paid if we win your case.

Do You Have A Social Security Disability Claim?

Because of our years of experience helping injured workers, we can also assist workers who have conditions or illnesses that now leave them unable to work. Social Security Disability is also an insurance system for most workers in the U.S. who have paid into the Social Security System. It is also very complex, with a rigorous application process and often it is necessary to rely on a lawyer for help with the claims' process.

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