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Experienced Representation For Southern Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claims

Injured While Working As A Nurse? A Dedicated Workers’ Comp Team Is Here to Help.

As a nurse, you probably spend much of your day on your feet. You may have to assist with patient transfers — a type of task that can cause serious injuries and major health issues.

Years of wear and tear can suddenly cause a severe back injury or strain, and often leads to long-term back, muscle and spine issues.

Nurses are also at risk for knee, leg and foot sprains and strains from standing, lifting and walking much of their shift. Other potential risks include falls on slippery surfaces or while assisting with patients and contracting illnesses from patients. Nurses can also face emotional issues as well as assaults from patients and bullying by other staff and administrators.

It is not surprising to learn that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurses have a very high rate of nonfatal work injuries.

A Lawyer Who Knows The System

If you have been injured as a nurse on the job in southern Minnesota, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. However, you likely know all too well the complex nature of bureaucratic systems.

Working with a skilled workers’ compensation team can help to make sure proper steps are followed to help you obtain maximum compensation.

Over 20 Years Of Experience. Former U.S. Army Servicemember.

At Rosengren Law Office, LLC, our founding attorney, Christopher P. Rosengren, has handled claims for nurses in North Mankato and throughout southern Minnesota for many years.

Chris has a thorough understanding of how to navigate complex rules. Prior to handling claims in private practice, Chris worked in the intelligence service in the U.S. Army as a Russian linguist.

Let an experienced team help you maximize your benefits so you can focus on recovering.

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