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Am I Eligible To Reopen My Workers’ Comp Claim?

After you received benefits for an admitted work injury — whether via a court-ordered award or negotiated settlement — you completed your medical treatment and, if you were able, returned to work.

Once the workers’ compensation insurance company discontinued your benefits, you may have thought that was the end of your workers’ comp claim. But, your case will always remain open for medical and other benefits.

You Are Still Entitled To Benefits, Even If The Insurance Company Has Closed Your Case

Regardless of what the workers’ comp insurance company says, under the law, any workers’ comp claim will always remain open unless specifically closed out in a settlement or award. But, even in cases where there is a settled workers’ compensation claim, a case can still be reopened if a judge is found making a mistake or your employer committed fraud.

Do Not Turn To Your Private Insurance Benefits When You Can Still Recover Workers’ Compensation

If the injury you suffered in a workplace accident has recently worsened or drastically changed your current circumstances, you do not need to go through your private insurance provider and pay a high deductible for coverage.

Even if your workers’ compensation file was closed years before, with the right help, it may be possible to reopen the case and obtain the benefits you need.

Work injuries can change lives. It is not uncommon for a worker to suffer from pain, reduced mobility, delayed symptoms and other issues years after a workplace accident. When those issues worsen, you may be facing serious complications, including:

  • Additional testing to confirm the relationship between your current medical issue and the workplace accident
  • Medical procedures to relieve the pain
  • Surgery
  • Physical therapy
  • Activity restrictions that prevent you from working

Let Us Help

It is not an easy process, and insurers are reluctant to revisit a case they have already settled. But if there is a substantial change in your situation, attorney Christopher P. Rosengren of Rosengren Law Office, LLC, in North Mankato, is not afraid of challenges. He will do what it takes to help you recover what you deserve.

He will examine the details of your case and determine the most effective way to collect and present evidence to the Workers’ Compensation Court of Appeals. Often, the chances of a judge reopening your file depend on how your original case was settled.

At Rosengren Law Office, LLC, we will explore every option for obtaining the compensation you need to continue your recovery.

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During his more than 20 years helping injured workers, Christopher P. Rosengren has successfully reopened cases for numerous workers in southern Minnesota.

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