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Do You Know The Four Main Types Of Construction Site Accidents?

Construction work remains one of the most dangerous occupations for workers. Approximately 20 percent of all work-related deaths that occur are on construction sites.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration identifies four main types of accidents that occur on construction sites that lead to the most serious of injuries and death.

1. A fall: A fall from scaffolding equipment, for example, accounts for nearly 40 percent of deaths on construction sites.

2. A caught-in: This occurs when a worker is pinned between two objects, caught in equipment like belts and cables, and includes engulfments and cave-ins in trenches and excavations.

3. A struck-by: This type of accident happens when workers are struck by objects that are flying, falling, swinging or rolling. This includes vehicle collisions.

4. An electrocution: Due to the nature of electricity, an electrocution is very serious. Electrocution accidents often result in burns, shocks, arcing, fires and explosions. Burn injuries are especially dangerous and can require long recovery periods. In many instances, fatalities occur.

Construction companies often try to save time and money by taking shortcuts with safety, but in this area, those shortcuts can lead to severe injuries for workers. Fortunately, workers are entitled to monetary compensation under Minnesota workers’ compensation laws to pay for costs associated with their injury.

Over Two Decades Of Experience Helping Injured Construction Workers

At Rosengren Law Office, LLC, in North Mankato, our founding attorney Chris Rosengren, has over two decades of experience handling workers’ comp claims. He has helped many injured construction workers throughout southern Minnesota get the benefits they need to get back on their feet.

Former Army Servicemember, Former Insurance Defense Lawyer On Your Side

Chris understands convoluted processes often involved with workers’ comp claims, a testament to his skill working as a Russian linguist in the U.S. Army intelligence service before obtaining his law degree.

He also has a thorough understanding of how insurance companies work. Before helping workers recover benefits in private practice, Chris worked for Walmart for eight years defending insurance claims. He knows exactly how they defend claims and uses this knowledge today to help injured workers in southern Minnesota recover.

Don’t Risk Losing Benefits By Handling The Process On Your Own

Without the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, you may not obtain the maximum amount of benefit you are entitled to.

Insurance companies are in business to lowball claims — even deny them — for even the simplest reasons. We can help ensure your claim is properly filed and in a timely manner. Having a claim denied because of a mistake can be frustrating, especially when you are not able to earn money to support your family.

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