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Can delivery drivers claim workers’ comp after a collision?

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Delivery services constitute a major industry employing many drivers across the country. It goes without saying that these drivers play a central role in ensuring that packages reach their destinations on time.

However, the nature of their job exposes them to various risks, including the possibility of collisions on the road. When accidents occur, delivery drivers may wonder whether they can claim workers’ compensation.

Understanding workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation provides financial assistance to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. It typically covers medical expenses, rehabilitation costs and a portion of lost wages.

Collision on the job

When a delivery driver experiences a collision while on the job, they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The first step is to report the incident promptly to the employer and seek medical attention if necessary. This ensures that the proper documentation is in place to support a claim.

Establishing eligibility

Delivery drivers must demonstrate that the accident occurred within the scope of their job duties. This means proving that the incident happened while the driver was actively engaged in making deliveries, rather than during personal errands.

Navigating the claims process

After a collision, the delivery driver should follow the established procedures for reporting workplace injuries set by their employer. This often involves completing incident reports and providing relevant documentation. These documents should include medical records and witness statements.

The National Safety Council reports that there were 155,000 injuries from large truck crashes in 2021. While not every delivery driver operates a large truck, with some relying on vans or even smaller vehicles at times, this statistic shows that professional drivers should be aware of how their workers’ compensation benefits will apply in an accident scenario.