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Experienced Representation For Southern Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Claims

How Much Will A Lawyer Cost For My Workers’ Comp Case?

Many people are often worried about hiring an attorney to help with their workers’ comp claim. However, under Minnesota law, the amount of money a workers’ comp attorney can charge for workers’ comp claims representation is 20 percent — no more.

Further, many are surprised to learn that they do not need to pay their Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company will pay your attorney’s fee. Knowing this, it makes sense to have an attorney working for you.

A Workers’ Comp Attorney With Nearly 20 Years Of Experience

At Rosengren Law Office, LLC, in North Mankato, Minnesota, we do not get paid unless you receive benefits — and this includes any costs associated with filing your claim or any other aspects of your case. Why not hire an attorney with nearly 20 years of workers’ compensation experience.

The Insurance Company Will Not Protect You

To some people, hiring an attorney is simply an unnecessary expense, even if attorney fees are reasonable. Many think they can handle the matter on their own. In fact, some think they can get assistance with their claims from the insurance company.

However, the insurance company does not represent you, the worker. They are in business to make a profit, and sometimes that means selling you short, denying you benefits or undervaluing your claim.

It Makes Sense To Look For Quality

Since all attorneys in Minnesota are paid on a contingency, that is, a percentage of your award, it can only benefit you to have a legal advocate to help you seek the maximum benefits you deserve following your workplace injury.

Attorney Christopher P. Rosengren has the experience to make a positive difference in your case. He has demonstrated his dedication to injured workers by making hundreds of court appearances to fight for their rights.

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