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What To Expect From Your Workers’ Compensation Hearing

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

A workers’ compensation hearing allows you to seek reconsideration if you receive a denial or you disagree with the handling of your case. Most people understand the workers’ compensation claim process, but few understand what to expect from the hearing.

If you have a hearing approaching, understand what is ahead of you to ensure that you prepare properly.

Give a deposition

Many hearings begin with depositions. You may need to give a deposition as part of the pre-hearing preparation. Your attorney can, and should, attend the deposition with you to protect your interests as you answer questions.

Present new evidence

The hearing itself provides an opportunity to present new evidence in your case. This includes any changes in your condition, new information that has come to light or documentation you did not have available to begin with.

Call expert witnesses

When you have a misinterpretation or misunderstanding in the review process or you receive a complex and unusual diagnosis, you may help your case with expert witnesses to explain things to the judge.

Receive the judge’s decision

After presenting evidence and witnesses, the judge considers all of the relevant information and issues a ruling on your claim. You typically receive the ruling shortly after the hearing. You have the option to appeal that ruling if you disagree.

Explore the basics of workers’ compensation hearings as you prepare for your upcoming case. Talk with your attorney, gather as much evidence as possible and present a comprehensive picture of the case to ensure your best chance of success.