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Construction site accident traps worker in trench for 3 hours

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2019 | Injuries On Construction Sites |

Trenches are known to pose life-threatening safety hazards on construction sites nationwide, including Minnesota. While any construction site accident that involves a collapsed trench could cause fatalities, the skills of rescue teams have saved the lives of many construction workers. One such an incident recently occurred in Minneapolis.

At approximately 8 a.m. on a recent Monday, a construction worker was in an excavated area at the site of a 17-story building project when the trench wall collapsed. Reportedly, one of the man’s legs became trapped by the shoring equipment, and there were no other workers present. The rescue team of the fire department arrived at the site to find the worker buried up to his knees.

The instability of the other walls of the trench prevented the rescuers from using any equipment for fear of further collapse, which could have entirely buried the trapped worker. Instead, they had to use their hands to carefully clear away the soil until they could safely get into the trench to free the worker’s leg and bring him to safety. Reportedly, it took 16 rescuers over three hours to save the worker. 

The condition of the worker after the rescue was not reported, but even if he suffered no physical injuries, the psychological trauma of such a construction site accident could have long-term consequences. Therapy to address work-related trauma can be costly, and claiming compensation from the Minnesota workers’ compensation might be challenging. However, an attorney who has experience in dealing with the Minnesota workers’ compensation program can assist with the benefits claims process and make sure maximum applicable benefits are obtained.