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How Home Health Care Workers Can Avoid Car Accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Nursing & Healthcare Worker Injuries |

Many people in Minnesota work in the home health care field. These people typically do a lot of driving to meet and care for their patients. To stay safe while traveling, here are important safety tips for home health care workers and their employers.

Safety rules employers should have in place

There are several ways employers can reduce health care worker injuries. One way to do this is by choosing fleet vehicles with the best possible crash ratings. It’s also important to strictly enforce mandatory seatbelt policies. Employers should also implement extensive safety programs to ensure that each employee understands how to drive specialized automobiles.

How workers can keep themselves safe

It’s also worth noting the employees have responsibilities to follow while they’re behind the wheel. Workers can stay safe while driving by following these tips:

  • Don’t drive when you’re excessively tired.
  • Avoid using a cellphone while you’re driving.
  • Refrain from eating behind the wheel.
  • Bring an emergency kit that contains bottled water, a flashlight, and safety flares.

Driving carefully in bad weather

Because home health care workers spend so much time driving, they can find themselves dealing with bad weather. If you’re driving where tornadoes are present, try to make your way to a storm shelter or lower floor of a nearby building. You can also hide in a nearby ditch if no buildings are nearby.

Another threat to many drivers is the inclement weather that winter often brings. You can keep yourself safe in icy conditions by avoiding side roads in favor of main roads. Main roads are more likely to get treated with sand. Plus, heavier traffic makes it easier for automobiles to create paths you can follow while driving.

By following the previously mentioned tips, home health care workers can help themselves remain safe while driving. If you recently got injured while driving to or from a client and your employer isn’t taking you seriously, consider contacting a lawyer.