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Aches and pains par for the course for health care workers

Nurses and other health care workers in Minnesota often spend up to 16 hours on their feet, treating the aches and pains of their patients. However, who will address the nurses' aches and pains that follow the many hours of strenuous activities throughout extended shifts. Reportedly, six in every 10 nurses seek solutions for their job-related aches and pains -- many of which seem insignificant enough not to justify a visit to a doctor, yet severe enough to look for other solutions.

Health care workers risk bloodborne pathogen exposure

Workers in various occupations in Minnesota risk infections caused by bloodborne pathogens. Anyone who administers first aid, or has to clean up blood or bodily fluids could risk exposure. Housekeeping staff, first responders and health care workers must never lose sight of this danger, and anyone who administers first aid to a co-worker must be educated on bloodborne pathogen hazards and how to minimize exposure.

Shift work threatens health and safety of health care workers

Health care workers make up a significant percentage of the millions of shift workers nationwide, including Minnesota. However, researchers say that working through the night and sleeping in the daytime adversely affect the health of these workers. Scientists have even suggested that shift work can be seen as a carcinogen.

Worker injuries: Fatigue often causes emergency vehicle crashes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 6,500 ambulances are involved in crashes nationwide each year, including Minnesota. When accidents involve emergency vehicles that travel at high speeds, worker injuries are often severe. This typically applies to emergency vehicles that have to rush to crisis scenes.

Typical hazards faced by health care workers

Thousands of workers in Minnesota risk their health and safety every day while they care for others -- often saving lives. Health care workers include those working in hospitals, patients' homes, dental offices and other medical facilities. Although the list of hazards they face is endless, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified some primary risks.

Nursing accidents: Needlestick injuries can cause infections

Health care workers in Minnesota face an endless list of occupational hazards. Injuries caused by sharp objects represent a sizable percentage of overall incidents. Registered nurses are at a significant risk of nursing accidents that expose them to blood-borne infections if safety protocols lack standards to monitor use and disposal safety of needles and other sharp instruments and objects.


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